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Purchased a snap-on phone adapter (for fitting in front centre armrest) for my Siemens S65 mobile phone from Audi (£100) on Friday and couldn't get it to work. In desparation yesterday, I cleaned all 3 contacts (on phone, adapter base and contacts in armrest) with a clean, dry cloth, and low and behold, the thing burst into life. Suspect grease from manufacturing process may have been responsible.

It's interesting that the adapter wires the phone directly into the car and the car's roof aerial, and therefore turns off bluetooth. Reception now a lot stronger in poor reception areas and quality of speech better as well. It also automatically detects whether to rapid charge or 'trickle' charge the phone - this is great as I can leave the phone in the car and not worry about it discharging (it automatically remains charging for 30 mins after removing ignition key then turns off so as not to discharge the car battery). Also, now I don't have to have bluetooth turned on for the S65, the phone battery stays charged for 2-3 times longer.

Adapter is expensive though, and if I wasn't able to get my company to pay for it, I may not have spent this much on it. The only shame is that the availability of adapters appears to be 1-2 years behind phones currently for sale (e.g. am thinking of a Blackberry 8800 - adapters not yet available for this).
Do you mean by snap-on adapter it then allow your phone to clip into it and the cradle you get with the GSM prep. option?
Can you get this for many makes such as T mobile MDA Compact II (2 years old), does Audi have a list of adpaters you can order from ?
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