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My baby just came back from a 3 week vacation at the dealership. Long story short, Audi replaced the throwout bearing, clutch plate, and pressure plate. The technician said that the throwout bearing had collapsed, and pieces of it were in between the clutch and pressure plates, causing bad wear and heat marks. It's perfect now.

For those interested, here is the longer version:

When I finally decided to take my car in, I couldn't hardly get it into reverse, first, or second gear. It was just too hard to physically push the shifter into gear, and third gear seemed so loose that it might just slip out of gear. At the dealership, the service technician called Audi to see if they knew of the issue. They apparently did know, and knew that it was the throwout bearing. Furthermore, they had an updated bearing to put into cars with bad bearings initially. So after replacing all the major clutch parts, I have my ride back.

It drives like an entirely different car. If someone blindfolded me and told me to push the clutch pedal in the car before and after, I would have literally thought it was a different make and model. The funny thing is, the clutch felt the same the day I took it in the shop as it did the day I bought it. I never had the "grainy", "sandy" sensation in the pedal like others had. I also never had it stick or anything. It just simply took more muscle to get the thing to the ground.

Despite taking 3 weeks to get the issue resolved, I'm very happy with the work Audi did and even happier with the results.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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