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Hello All

I am new to this forum and have an A5 2.7tdi sport on order since Oct and so waiting for delivery early next year. :D
As always the colour was the hardest decision for me and went for Meteor Grey after seeing a S5 in it at my local delaership.
I currently drive a BMW 320d and couldn't face another BMW as i drive around 35k miles per year I found the interior of the BMWs a bit too dull for my liking.
It will be my first Audi and the reviews I've read it is a wise choice.
No doubt i am not alone but find the cost of the car in the UK compared to the US is madness. For what i am paying for the 2.7tdi i could have an S5 in the US with change :mad:

Looking forward to hearing about everyones experiences with the car.:)

All the best
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