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This might ramble a bit, so I hope that the regulars here will indulge me a little, given that it is my first post. I have never participated in online forums, as I have found that most if the exchanges that I have observed tend to involve zealously uninformed opinions held by those ungoverned by decency, grammar or logic. And then I saw an A5 cruising south on the 5 one day...I had to know more about this car. In recent years, I have chosen to not keep up with all of the models and specs for my favorite German manufacturer. I did not want to tempt myself to set unrealistic goals during a very financially and emotionally challenging time. The page is now in the process of turning and I am once again in goal-setting mode. I wanted to do as much research about this auto as I could, so that when the time comes I can make the most informed decisions possible. From what I have read here, I guess I have been "lurking" for 2 days. I do not know what the etiquette is, but I just did not want to jump right in before having some idea of what this is. From what I have seen, this is a very diverse, knowledgeable and considerate place. Many of my initial questions about the vehicle itself and the experiences with lead times, sales policies, options, maintenance issues and driving characteristics were answered very quickly and easily. I am hoping to draw on this unique pool of knowledge and experience to make my process go smoothly.
I visited my local dealer over the weekend just to get a peek at what one looked like standing still...silly plan really, since they look like they are screaming even when parked. There was only one on the lot and it was just after the place opened on a Saturday. No other customers on the lot and no service operations. I was approached by a very pleasant woman who "noticed" I was looking. She offered me some information about the time it takes for these cars to arrive and allocations for dealerships. Since we tend to dress down quite a bit for the weekends, my wife and I rarely get a hard sell. The saleswoman said that her dealership sells "at MSRP", even after I pointed out a 3"x5" piece of paper taped to the windshield with some additional "delivery and preparation" costs on it. By the way, how do they think that someone seriously in the market for one of these autos would do anything but unstick that little note and blow their nose with it? The thing was not even near the invoice on the passenger window. I leased my first Audi, an A4 that I will describe in greater detail in other posts, from this same dealership. I doubt that they will recognize that as any kind of loyalty and from what I have read here, for this car it would not really matter.
The catalog is now a bit worn, as I have read little else over the weekend. At first blush, this is what I am considering:
A5 6M 3.2 FSI, Meteor Gray, Cinnamon Brown, Laurel Nutmeg Inlays, Tech, Premium, B & O, 18" 5 spokes. Fairly unassuming, but with some flourish and a bit easier on fuel.
Can I have some specific input on ordering and pricing? From what I have read, MSRP is the number to shoot for, while trying to have a dealer include some perks in that price. Even though this process for me is far from an actual deposit, I appreciate any input from the members here that will assist a fellow Audiphile to reach his goal.
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Welcome to the Forum Senator - looking forward to reading your further posts, sounds like you have a lot of experience to contribute based on your past Audi ownership.

I'll leave my US-based fellow-forumees to respond to your specific queries re. purchase as you tend to do things differently over there (and there's a wealth of experience on that matter represented on this board).

In the meantime, enjoy your participation!
Welcome to the Forum....

Hope you get all the info you need and hopefully we can get some great info from you aswell...... you know what i mean !!!!!

Welcome to the site mate.

As you say, there is a wealth of knowledge on here and some really nice people too. It's one reason why I chose to stick around here.

In two days you will only have scratched the surface of the useful information available on here.
Try Orange County

I tried all three San Diego County Audi dealers and was disappointed with each, for different reasons. Ended up at Audi of Mission Viejo and was treated well. Ordered an A5 for Euopean delivery. Took delivery on August 22 and returned the car to Munich for shipment home on September 2. I dealt with Arno Dienhart in MV. Very knowledgeable and accommodating. Paid MSRP. Hope this is helpful.
Welcome. I was very happy to get mine for MSRP. I actually had to go out of town to order mine (McDaniels Audi in Charleston had a $5000 markup, as do many dealerships). It was definitely worth the wait to shop around a bit. It was also helpful to let the dealer you are planning to go with know you are shopping around at other dealers. They want to sell cars and will go pretty far to have you buy from them. Good luck.
Thanks to all who have replied so far. I guess I should be expecting mostly English/Scottish/Irish responses, given the hours I tend to keep. Looking forward to the dialogue.

Paul...Similar feeling towards San Diego dealerships. After they bent the two drivers side rims on my A4 during a service and then blamed it on me, I have a pretty sour taste in my mouth. I was reading a bit about the European delivery on audiusa. Sounds like a great experience if one is traveling there, but no apparent discount for the A5s. My wife has never been to the Continent and I cannot wait to take her. I think it would be the ultimate Audi buying experience wrapped into a great trip. Once I figure out the PM function here, I will be in touch.
Welcome to the "club," Senator! I, too, was a forum virgin when I first joined this (and another A5/S5 forum) earlier this year (some 70 posts ago). There's just something about this car that makes the owners and soon-to-be owners just a little obsessive! :D

As already stated above, this is a great forum. Overall, a good group of people; a couple of the other A5/S5 forums tend to get pretty combative and downright nasty at times. I find this one to be much more civil, and the international nature of it makes it more interesting.
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