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The car arrived at 12pm Friday (The best day to get a new car in my opinion)
It was booked for a delivery by low loader and under no circumstances was it to be driven the 50 miles to me, low and behold in the works gate drove Mr Audi to what can only be described as a near death experience, having ragged Mr Audi from the car he pointed to the low loader about 20 yards up the road and told me with a tremor in his voice it was easier to unload the car out of the yard...Yikes!!! So I brushed him down and made my apologies, even offered him a cup of coffee so all’s well that ends well.

Now you think that’s bad it gets worse!!! I had a good look round the car while Mr Audi was explaining to me I nearly didn’t get the car because only one of the, lets call them “cleaners” had turned into work and was rushed off his feet, now having looked at the car I would agree he was rushed off his feet onto his fat idle arse because my 3 year old grandson could have done a better job, all the glue was still round the door frames and widows but I guess at least he had not put any swirls in the paintwork purely through laziness and not wanting to rub at all let alone too hard, given ten minutes I had the glue off and the car looking as good as new!!!!

Couldn’t get any worse eh? Yes it can. At this point my wife had just about given up on my tantrums and so to calm matters down and show no hard feelings :eek: I LET HER HAVE THE FIRST DRIVE:eek: that must be a first EVER, my brand new car and I let the wife out on her own and guess what???.......No incidents whatsoever can you believe that not a kerbed wheel nothing bugger all, so again all’s well that ends well.

To be continued
Did she replace the cigarette lighter with her lipstick though?

Welcome to the Friday club. My car was all nice and clean and guess what I did. Being use to Aussie cars where the indicator stalk is on the right and the windscreen wiper stalk is on the left, the opposite of German cars, I sprayed my beautifully new clean car with the windscreen fluid instead of putting on the high beam. Bugger!

Not to mention I keep putting the windscreen wipers on instead of indicating.
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