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The ABC of Tail Lights for Audi A5

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Tail lights are much more than a vital safety feature; they are a way of communication between drivers that allow the drivers of vehicles following you to predict your maneuvers and react in accordance. But along with their primary function, tail lights are also an ideal starting point for custom projects and exterior upgrades. Switching to one-of-a-kind custom tail lights is an easy and affordable way to make your Audi stand out from the crowd of ordinary-looking vehicles.

Type of tail lights
1. Factory tail lights
If one of your factory tail lights gets damaged, or you’re simply no longer satisfied with their look, you can replace them with the same design but brand-new tail lights. Keep in mind that not all replacement tail lights are OEM ones. Along with genuine OEM lights designed and manufactured by or for Audi, you may find dozens of aftermarket replicas that look alike but are fabricated by an independent manufacturer. As a rule, aftermarket replicas cost less than their OEM counterparts yet may be inferior to original lights.
2. Custom tail lights
The aftermarket industry offers a vast selection of custom tail lights for just about every vehicle. Audi A5 is no exception. You can add a touch of custom style to your Audi’s exterior with direct-fit aftermarket tail lights. The most common options to choose from are halogen and LED taillights. As their names indicate, halogen taillights are equipped with time-honored halogen bulbs, while their LED counterparts feature light-emitting diodes. However, most likely, you’ll not be able to find traditional tail lights for the Audi. Most Audi A5s have been equipped with LED taillights from the factory, so, obviously, there is no sense to step back by installing halogen custom tail lights. LEDs outperform traditional bulbs in every way, including longevity, safety, energy efficiency, and brightness.

No matter whether factory or custom, Truck&Gear has you covered with a variety of high-quality tail lights. Truck&Gear provides dozens of replacement and custom Audi A5 tail lights for sale at fair and competitive prices.
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