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I bought a 2008 A5 3.2 6 speed off copart for a new project. One of the many issues is it didn't have a keyfob. I'm looking into options for replacing the keyfob....currently the only option is tow to a dealer and have them pull up the VIN and program it. It's $760 for the keyfob and programming + having a roll back drop it off and bring it back (I'm guessing another 100-200) I live 3 blocks from the AUDI/Porsche Dealership

I'm looking for other options?
I don't know enough about the IMMO systems on the B8 chasssis to know if this will work:

There are alot of FOB/Ignition switches on ebay for under $100. There are a few factory ECU/ignition switch/FOB combos for around $700-800. Would replacing these 3 matched items allow the car to be started or at least cranked?
Another thought I had was tuning. If there was a tune with the IMMO disabled and then pairing it with a ebay FOB/ignition switch would that work?

If any of the above option would at least let me attempt to start the car I have generic blank unprogrammed FOBs I could have cut for the doors.

ANY HELP/THOUGHTS would be most appreciated.

Edit: Just found this: 2009 A5 3.2 MT ECU FOB Ignition Switch and one box I'm not sure of.
Gas Cable Electrical supply Auto part Wire

Last year I did a 2003 Allroad 2.7 AT stage one build. Stage one ecu with IMMO delete, KO4s, full exhaust. Bought that with a broken timing belt. Engine out rebuild. Build on Audizine under the same username. However the A5 forum is little light over there.

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