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Tampa area dealers shooting blanks (and more tease photos)

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Well, the one Tampa area dealer whom I contacted (who said he had order/pricing information already) turned out to be wrong (surprise!). At least he let me know before I made the drive out there.

I also just heard from another area dealer that they don't know much more than anyone else (i.e. "Spring 2008").

He did send me these links to a LOT of photos though. Don't know if these have already been posted, but thought I'd let everyone know anyway.
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Sad that dealers are not more well informed. That is a lot of A5/S5 photos. Loads really slow but worth a quick check.
love the pics. makes me even more so excited. hopefully we get them soon in austin.. or else ill have to go to dallas or houston which i'm not going to be very enthused this is expected to drop Spring 08? because i've read Fall o7 ..
If I lived in Austin, I'd never go near Houston or Dallas either! You live in an oasis ;)

Fall '07 is for the S5. If you can grab one of those puppies, more power to ya!
Ah yes, I love Austin.. Dallas = Biblebeltextremeconservativismville .. and Houston's outranking of LA as most polluted city in the US isn't very attractive.. and I always feel as if I'm in a different country when I go there.. anywho.. I should probably call up my dealers and see what the 'deal' is... Hopefully I'll be set for next May! :0
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