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I have a A5 B8 MY2008 with the Symphony radio without DAB. I buy on Ebay the same radio Symphony of 2015 with DAB.

Can i swap the radio without problems ?

Do i need some antenna for DAB ?

Somebody can help me in this modification ?


Actual : 8T1 035 195 H

Output device Gadget Rectangle Electronic device Machine

new : 8R1035195G Radio SYMPHONY CD MP3 DAB AUDI A5
Rectangle Gadget Multimedia Font Musical instrument accessory

Building House Rectangle Auto part Automotive exterior

See: extra black connector round ???

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Nobody can help ne ?
Its not something I've done but you'll probably need an antenna module and I believe you will need component protection removed from your new head unit (hopefully others can confirm this). The fitment will depend if you have a cabrio or other model. You can search on this forum and you should find various threads on this retrofit.
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