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i am fitting a rear garmin dash cam, it requires 3 connections, ground, constant power and switched power. I have a good ground near the rear fuse box in the rear left boot hatch and also have found a spare fuse slot providing constant 12v. Well that is the problem, all the fuse slots in the boot seem to be constant 12v.

i have installed the same camera in the front and 5 minutes with a multimeter found me a perm live and and a switched fuse slot, both empty too.

i have read that in the boot fuse box some fuses may be switched but on a timer connected to the central locking or proximity to the vehicle key. This doesn’t seem to be the case but maybe I’m wrong.

Please can someone help me by identifying a switched fuse in the rear fuse box, or at a push just a relay or wire I can tap for my switched connection. I don’t want to run a wire from front to back and I don’t have a 12v socket in the boot to tap as some have talked about for other models.


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