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Scottish 2009 Megameet is being held at knockhill Racing circuit on the 22nd of February starting at 9am

We will be holding the event to raise funds for Rachel house/chas and will be holding a raffle and collection on the day on behalf of this great cause

Confirmed for the day so far

Show and shine (Confirmed)
Show and Grime (Confirmed)
Raffle (Confirmed)
Static display of members cars (Confirmed)
Static display of new and old cars (dealer supplied TBC)
Karting 30 pounds details below
The SVAG project clipper on display
Membership and merchandise stands from SVAG
Invited traders (pm me for details)
Dubblasters (hopefully doing wheel refurb demos on the day)

Track Action (in association with knockhills speed sunday (45 pounds per driver)

All clubs are welcome along its not just a svag day but a open invite to all and sundry in the vag scene so come along

we'll keep adding to the above as we get new ideas and confirmations through so keep checking back
so names below please guys

On Track (10-4) 45 pounds per person

Karting 30 pounds (25 lap main race)
Each driver takes part in a 5 minute practice session to set a time
and determine their grid position. Racers line up in their grid positions and the race starts.
Trophy & bubbly for the winner, everyone takes part in the podium celebrations.

Duration 45 Mins

Straight race from start – finish
Full safety briefing
Practice session to determine grid position
Printed lap times for each driver
Trophy & Bubbly spraying at the end
Group photo to take away

Names below please

Attending only

And before we go any further a few mentions of thanks need made


Robert at suresafe(Berto from here for having words in the right ears and generally smoothing everything out
Duncan and Gemma @knockhill for sorting everything out
The SVAG hosts admin and crew for the support so far

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An A5OC stand would be good. Anyone interested?
in the respect for the A50c i would be more than happy to show on that one.... svagers know the car but would be good to see a group like we had in edinburgh that day a year ago :)

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I'm interested - particularly the track session. Sounds like fun whizzing around with souped up VWs, Seats, etc. Do you have to book this in advance Jen?
No just get the line up and let me know who wants to do what, payment i believe is on the day but i can get back to you on this, all i need is a list of names and jobs a good one :)

Im arranging it along with Rob from SVAG.

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I don't think I'll be tracking it. Any of you putting your car on the track?
no track for me still got wrist in support so not planing on any rallying then maybe breaking it again :D

we also have go karting as well for those who dont wanna drive on the track
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