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Hello all!

Ive recently picked up a new set of wheels after being on the look out for anything different for ages. I ended up with a set of Maserati birdcage alloys.


The specs are
20x8.5J et52
20x10.5J et37.5
Pcd 5x114.3 and CB of 67.1

I’m not too worried about making them fit but I’m curious does anyone have advice on how to run staggered wheels with a Quattro system? Or even if it’s nothing to worry about and it’s fine?

Also since getting them home my suspension at the front has started to creek at low speeds which doesn’t worry me too much as I’m looking at lowering the car on coilovers and replacing all the suspension arms front and rear while doing it but has anyone ever found a set anywhere that includes all the arms in a kit? Instead of having to buy them all separately?
Thanks for any help! Much appreciated

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Hello James those wheels look great well done!! I have no idea about the question but some experts will be along soon, in the meantime search on here for wheel articles. Have fun Simon
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