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Did anyone in the UK opt for Supaguard protection from their Audi dealer? I've just bought a used A5 and the dealer Supaguarded the exterior and interior as part of the package. He reckons that I wont need to wax the car for 3 years, just shampoo and dry off with a chamois. My feeling was that this was another way for him to earn a little extra comission, and I'm dubious about the effectiveness of this product.
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A old wise man once said "If it sounds too good to be true, than it likely isn't true."

No wax for 3 years
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I got it. For 3 years - read 3 months, although that's probably down to how well (or otherwise) it was applied. IMO a waste of money.
Buy a kit (the same stuff dealers use - either Supaguard or Autoglym Lifeshine) from ebay for about a tenner and do it yourself!

I did mine in the Autoglym Lifeshine and it did work a treat. Doubt if it will last more than a few months but for the price I paid I will just buy another kit, clay the car and do it again!

Its a lovely earner for stealers! Kit for a fiver and pay a 16 year old saturday valeter a tenner for going over your car!!
I got it. For 3 years - read 3 months, although that's probably down to how well (or otherwise) it was applied. IMO a waste of money.
...I always think that if it was any good, then why don't any manufacturers apply it to new cars?
My dealer wanted £350 to do it, guess what I said :D
Recon it boll** dealer wanted around £400. Will try the Autoglym lifeshine kit.

On a different but similar note.....anyone used a protector to prevent stone chips..........something like VentUreShield which is a clear urethane coating.

Would be interested in what you thought and how it effects the look of the vehicle longer term.

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these kits cost circa £20 and generally they give it to the lad that washes the cars to apply, one of my old clients worked for Supaguard and gave me my own kit to apply once, its a doddle and does not work as well as a good quality regularly applied wax... this product is aimed at the masses and is not good enough for those that take good care of their car's paintwork....

it takes a professional detialer many hours to prep and finish a single car, these cars can do 8+ a day at £300 a time!!

I would never pay for supaguard, but its the sort of thing my mother would feel was good value as she does not look after her paint the way I do:D
I had the Autoglym lifeshine 'thrown in' with the deal. They were happy to incude this and a deal on GAP insurance but wouldn't budge on a cash discount on the car!:confused:

The car looked very nice seems to have lasted well. A couple of weeks ago I bought some Autoglym high definition wax, now that does give a good shine. I applied it on top of two wax washes and a coat of autoglym polish. Took me 4 hours but well worth it.

I think in future I would go down this route rather than buy the supaguard or lifeshine.
Likewise, the Missus was given Autoglym Lifeshine as a no-charge add-in on her TT roadster. Although I scoffed when she told me and rolled out the 'total waste of money' argument, I wash the car regularly (no, of course not as regularly as mine!) and have to say, the treatment's standing up pretty well so far (4.5 months). Car still has a lovely gloss (it's silver so naturally easier to keep looking good) but water still beads as though it's just been waxed, road detritus washes off easily with the mitt and even without waxing, the paintwork is baby-bum smooth afterwards.

Have to say I'm surprised - but as has been mentioned, the success and longevity of these finishes is often a function of the care and expertise involved in application, so she must have been lucky.

I have no doubt I'll have to start the waxing routine in the next 3 months or so but so far, pretty good.......
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