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Hello everyone,

I bought the eurocode high flow intercooler pipe last week and decided I’d install it today. The installation process was fine, and both ends of the pipe seemed to be tightly sealed and fitted properly. After I installed it I took my car for a drive and everything was working amazingly but then after about 10 minutes as I was approached a red light I noticed when my RPMS got too around 900-1200 the car world start to stutter pretty rough and would start to shake. I went home and I checked that the sensor was properly placed and that the sensor mount was tight and then I went for another drive and I am still having the same issue, the car is stuttering/jerking at low RPMs and something is not right and I can’t figure out what it is. I’m thinking it could be a vacuum leak or something coming somewhere from either side of the pipe where the rubber hoses connect but I remember checking atleast 10 times while installing it to make sure both ends were tightly fitted. Also I never got a CEL during my drives and still do not have a check engine light.

could it possibly be that the ECU is not used to it yet?

Any input would be helpful,
FYI the car is stage 1 with a custom dyno tune and has both resonators deleted, if that plays any factor is this

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