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I've never own a car that has "advance key" option and I only heard how they work, and since my S5 (will be here in 3 weeks) is equipped with this option, I hope someone can help me with some concern I have regarding this feature.

This is what I understand of how it works: You walk up to the car, touch the button on the door handle and it unlocks the door. Then you step inside the car and hit the "start" button and the engine starts and you're good to go.

However, what if:

1) You're just chilling with your buddies next to your car (or a few feet away from it). Can someone simply walk up to your car and press the button to unlock the door and start the engine?

2) Say that you decide to take a nap in the car during lunch time and you lock the door from inside. Can someone just touch the button on the handle and unlock the door? (since the key is very close to the car - or inside the car).

3) You're at the mall and parking spot is hard to come by, so you ask your passenger to take the wheel so you can just run into the mall while your passenger is trying to find the parking spot for you. How far can they drive the car for without having the key on them?

I know these are probably stupid questions, but I just want to know how this feature works exactly.

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