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STOLEN 2010 B8 S5 Sportback - REG LV60 WCD - Black body work, black trim, RS5 front bumper, black interior, 20" six twin spoke wheels

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I'm absolutely gutted, my 2010 B8 S5 Sportback was stolen last night 23/24 Feb 2022, from Raynes Park, South west London.

I had just brought it back from the body shop on the 22nd after having an RS5 style front bumper from Xenonz fitted. Stolen from road directly outside my house.

If anyone sees it around or has any information please could you let me know via email at [email protected].

pics attached: (don't have any photos with new RS5 bumper attached so used a stock image for that one but it will look very similar)

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Cloud

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle registration plate Sky

Automotive parking light Sky Vehicle registration plate Tire Cloud

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

Car Vehicle Gear shift Speedometer Automotive design

Front end should look similar to this now...
Car Vehicle Automotive side-view mirror Grille Wheel

Thanks guys :cry:
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Good news! Car was found by the police and recovered to me with no damage or extra mileage. Apparently I had a tracker fitted and I didnt even know it! Happy days. Have now pumped up car security big time. Unfortunately the criminal bastards who nicked it have not been found but at least i got the car back.

Please learn from my experience guys - at least get a Stoplok Pro as they slow the thieves down and are a good deterrent....oh and keep your keys in a faraday box/bag when in your home, thats essential. stay safe
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Good to hear of a postive outcome :)
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