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Stock S5 vs stock Evo X

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Is it true that the stock Evo X is actually faster?
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I don't know... I guess that they would be pretty even, and whoever won, wouldn't win by much (stock vs. stock). But it really shouldn't matter if you are getting an S5, the S5 is a GT car, not a ricer jap import.
What Evo X are you talking about? The FQ-300, 330 or 360?

Maybe the 300 would be a good match in a straight line. But once it gets twisty, the Evo would sh*t all over the S5.

Evo's really do make your average driver look like a God, the handling is sublime.
I have smoked an Evo X (330), but he was a teenager and it was a straight. The Evos can corner on a dime.
I found some lap times (Hockenheim, Germany) here:

Not easy to find a stock Evo in the list... i think that doesn't exist? ;)

1:16.224 122.79 km/h – Import Racing Mitsubishi Evo VIII, 390 PS/1244 kg (Tuner Grand Prix 2006)

1:16.8 --- 121.88 km/h – Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX, 280 PS/ 1482 kg (sport auto 01/06)

(Check HP and weight differences, and yet both cars drive comparable times)

Stock S5:
1:17.2 --- 121.24 km/h - Audi S5, 354 PS/1722 kg, 2nd test with Michelin Pilot Sport (sport auto 01/08)

1:13.8 --- 126.83 km/h – MTM Audi S5 GT SC, 500 PS/1786 kg (sport auto Tuning special 08)

Ohw... and...

1:14.182 126.16 km/h - MTM Audi A5 TDI Clubsport, 300 PS/??? kg (Tuner GP 08)

Diesel power! :D
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Who the hell really cares ? You could buy a Lambo and get smoked by an Ariel Atom but which one would you want to be seen in.
agree with Blade, stupid thread, delete now!

i dont understand why people cant just look at the stated 0-60 times and work it out for themselves.
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