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Still Desperate for a Vag-Com genius in Phoenix.

Since I picked up my A5 in February, I have only seen one other A5 or S5 in the Phoenix area. I hope there are more of you but you are just hiding on me.

I absolutely feel like an idiot when using my turn signals and the DRL on the turning side goes out. I know this can be changed. I have received the codes for the vag-com to keep these lights on. I took them to my local dealer and they couldn't get the codes to work. Every time they entered the codes and then they exited the program, the system returned to the original setting.

Please, is there anyone in the Phoenix area who can save me?

I don't always check with the A5_OC, so if you so kindly would contact me at
[email protected]

I would really appreciate it.
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