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Muffler rattle

Read about the problem some guys are having with the muffler rattling ..........I had the same problem at low speeds when taking delivery of my S5 was found that it was not the muffler , but the two exhaust hangers in the middle that are faulty .
There is too much play between the rubbers and the hanger itself which is bolted to the body , causing the exhaust system to squeak and knock against the body .
When one knocks the muffler it sounds like the baffles are loose, but not so - take the two brackets off and the noise disappears .
This was cured for good by a resourceful tech cutting up an engine mounting , ramming it in between the hanger mounting rubbers and job done ....not a knock nor a squeak !!!
New hangers have arrived ex Germany , however the current mod works so well , I am not even bothering.
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