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Spottings - Aberdeenshire

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anyone got one up here??? seen a few not many thou, i do get stared at, maybe someone on here perhaps.

please let yourself be known :) ill wave next time
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There's a clue in my username ;)

Black S5 with magma and all the toys; woo hoo!!!
Nope - havent spotted you yet although there does seem to be an awful lot of A5s around my area. I know of about 5 or 6 people living fairly close to me with A5s. Im really gutted cos I wanted to be rare!
Umm your username doesnt give too much away and there are no pics with a plate in view!!!
Followed you into Aberdeen one Saturday night along the South Deeside Road but would have been totally unrecognisable cos we were giving the other half's new Mini a run!! My one's been locked up in a secure pound in Glasgow for the last 3 weeks (we were in Oz) but back on the road now. Easy recognisable with no LEDs and 04 plate!!!!!
ello :D unless you flash or something i wont take notice... too busy playing with one of my many toys :p

you going to come down to the lakes meet?? plus get yourself on we are going to start to have monthly meets etc should be good :)
plus Get Yourself On We Are Going To Start To Have Monthly Meets Etc Should Be Good :)
+1 :d
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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