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Spotted on another forum :)

Nordschleife 8:26min

Hockenheim 1:18 min

Competitor car timings:

BMW 335i Coupe(manual)
Ring 8:26min
Hockenheim 1:17,8min

Porsche Cayman S(19", PASM, PCCB)
Ring 8:25min
Hockenheim 1:15,9min

Other timings:

BMW M3 Coupe(19" Michelin Cup+, 280km/h limiter)
Ring 8:05min
Hockenheim 1:14,3min
BTW, Hockenheim 1:15,4min with standard 18" Michelin PS2

Audi RS4 Saloon(19" Corsas, 280km/h limiter, SS+)
Ring 8:09min
Hockenheim 1:15,4min

Here are few Hockenheim times only by Sport Auto as well as comparison...

Audi TT 2.0TFSI(Magnetic Ride, 18") 1:18,8min
Audi S6(19") 1:18,8min

A 2.0 TT is as quick round Hockenheim? :eek:

Credit for this info to KresoF1 on :)

Any thoughts? :)
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