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Spotted on another forum :)

Nordschleife 8:26min

Hockenheim 1:18 min

Competitor car timings:

BMW 335i Coupe(manual)
Ring 8:26min
Hockenheim 1:17,8min

Porsche Cayman S(19", PASM, PCCB)
Ring 8:25min
Hockenheim 1:15,9min

Other timings:

BMW M3 Coupe(19" Michelin Cup+, 280km/h limiter)
Ring 8:05min
Hockenheim 1:14,3min
BTW, Hockenheim 1:15,4min with standard 18" Michelin PS2

Audi RS4 Saloon(19" Corsas, 280km/h limiter, SS+)
Ring 8:09min
Hockenheim 1:15,4min

Here are few Hockenheim times only by Sport Auto as well as comparison...

Audi TT 2.0TFSI(Magnetic Ride, 18") 1:18,8min
Audi S6(19") 1:18,8min

A 2.0 TT is as quick round Hockenheim? :eek:

Credit for this info to KresoF1 on :)

Any thoughts? :)

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I'm not suprised about the Hockenheim times being close together thats normal. What is suprising is how quick the 2.0TFSi TT is but then it is lighter, handles very well and quite nippy too. All I can say is that when the TT RS comes along its going to be a killer....TT RS tempting :rolleyes: .
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