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For those who doesnt like to read reels.

TLDR version:
2018 plate Audi spontaneous catastrophic failure of power steering. Back and forth with Audi Stealership for over 3 weeks and £2100 repair for a 9 hour job.

Long vent of my experience with Audi Dealership.

I own an Audi A5 F5 2018 year plate. The car has a little over 50k Miles by the way, full audi service history and maintenance schedules too. While driving on the road after leaving my house I took a left junction turn and the power steering all of a sudden went. It was like wrestling a tank.

I was lucky in the fact that I wasn't on the motorway or a winding country road and had my family in the car or I may not even be writing this as we speak.

Had the car recover to Audi Dealership as the other Audi specialist in my area was not confident with fulfilling the job adequately due to he nature of re coding modules etc etc ... fair enough. no choice but to the stealerships.

The car was dropped off and it took them 3 days to generate a AudiCam footage of the obvious power steering failure but also a repair bill just over £3k!!! They wanted to replace the whole steering rack Inc modules.

I called them right away and explained my situation that the car had full audi service history and all maintenance carried out by yourselves without your technicians mentioning steering. also the fact that it was outright dangerous for a car to fail like this.

So they said they would investigate for a warranty repair if they can deem it so. A week later nothing. I had to call them only to be ignored by the service advisors, I had to then call Audi UK in order for them to speak on my behalf in regards to the claim and repair. A day went by and eventually the service manager himself says he will investigate it. A weekend goes by and still nothing. That week I called AGAIN and another advisor was now assigned to sorting out my car. They said that the tech at the garage says It was driver error hence the steering going and it is up to me now to pay for the repair. IS this even allowed?!?!

The advisor went back and forth with me in terms of contribution from £3k then £2.5k and finally the grand finale of £2200. Considering the fact I've been a loyal customer for over a decade made little to no change in the contribution level. As the advisor claimed "any lower me and my manager would be out of our jobs" -Laughable comment.

I had no choice really so had to bite the bullet. I was told parts are next day and that the job itself was a 9 hour job (whole day).

Took audi more than a week. No progress update was ever made. I had to call multiple times throughout the week. No courtesy car or even car hire was offered. I was told several completion dates and eventually had enough. So i called and asked to speak to a manager only to be told that they would pass a message as he was busy, so i said dont bother I'll wait as ive been told.this before and they ignore me. They connect me with an assistant service manager instead and I said no more bullcrap dates, just GIVE me a realistic date. Anyways a week it takes for a 9 hour job apparently.

The car was delivered back to me with a full tank (by which three quarters was already filled anyways!) As an apology. What's worse is they parked it at a private car park and I've just received a £60 PCN because of their mistake the absolute dimwits!!!

Honestly A5 forumers this will more than likely be my last Audi. Once I sell it perhaps this summer I won't be returning to Audi again.

Thanks for reading to this point and letting me vent.

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