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Hi from Hong Kong.

In HK the S5 comes with option of Mustang Brown leather. I've assumed is same as Tuscan Brown?? Noted that there's a cinnamon brown for A5.

Anyway here I am about to order my brilliant black/ mustang brown S5. After several Subarus which all produced much grin factor I finally gave in to comments about growing up and swapped my 07 STi for a new Audi TTR 3.2 last September. Have to say, apart from looking very good the TT has really not flicked my switch. This is a car that maybe can go quick, but really doesn't want to. I always imagine it complaining and moaning at aggressive use of the throttle and surely we'd rather coast round corners, looking great oppossed to yobbish outbursts of acceleration.

So, it's up for sale and next week (bonus lands in bank!) I'll be ordering my new S5. Which, I sort of think, also won't want to be yobbish, but will do great acceleration, poise and presence very well. Thus will also will be swapping my much loved GTI for a new subaru STI, and yes it will be world rally blue with big gold wheels..perfect!

Really looking forward to the S5. It will arrive aug/ sep in HK so a long wait. I also like this forum a lot and it reminds me of the subaru forum where participants are genuinely enthusiatic about their cars.

Rest spec? In HK we can order paddle auto (not s-tronic but dealer says is same system as porsche tiptronic???) which I've ticked. HK cars come standard full of kit so B&O, folding mirrors, glass roof, elec seats all standard kit. Only question is satnav as suprisingly, HK has only just been 'mapped' for sat nav. It's a US$7.5k option (gulp!) but obviously will give more visual interest and MMI controls will be where they should be.

Thanks to the many posts you've put up and particularly the pics of the black/ tuscan brown S5 in North Carolina which really helped me decide between the brown and red interior. Looking forward to being part of this far flung but suprisingly close community.
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