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Hmmm... you have a predicament there!

...Although Audi have an Audi Customer Service Department, which is run DIRECTLY by Audi, so you may like to find out how to contact them.

Regarding the problem, if you have replaced the speaker, then it's either a head-unit or amplified problem... (or connections between them). TBH, head units usually just work or dont work, so I would suspect its an amplifier problem... and usually, if you can hear something, but it's distorted, it's a problem of saturation in the input stage (duff trannies) (or at least that's what I'd diagnose in my band's PA!!). I suspect therefore that you need replacement amp/s.

One option would be to find a good ICE (in-car entertainment) shop who does fitting and upgrades and ask them to diagnose the problem and solve it, getting the necessary parts from Audi directly... or your importer... The only thing is, you will have to pay for this... unless you can get Audi Customer Care to agree to pick up the bill.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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