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Sound system upgrade

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Dear All,
I apologize in advance if this topic might have been already covered.

I have the concert head unit and a crappy sound, definitely not at the car's level. I am looking for a system with a good price to quality ratio.

I have at home available:
Amplifiers: 1 Audison Vr206, 1 Audison Vr209, 1 Phoenix Gold Ms2125 grey series.
Pre: 1 Crossover Audison 4xs
Speakers: 1 pair of Hertz Hv200, 1 pair of Hertz hv100,
Cables, plugs, one 1F capacitor ...

I am planning to take the signal from the concert unit, bring it to a Bit ten D (to be purhcased), insert the remote control in the ashtray, then I have the following questions:
Can I fit 20 cm woofer in the front door?
Can I fit 10 cm midrange in the dashboard? Would you advise me a 70 mm mid instead?
As tweeter does the Hertz ht20 fit in the triangle near the window? Or which tw would you advise me?
Which amplifier would you choose? Shall I go for one amp (wf-mid-tw) or bi-amp (wf, mid-tw)?
Is the power cap required (it's a 1F capacitor)?

Constraints are: keep the trunk as free as possible ( I have to load bikes and bulky items from time to time) so no subwoofer. Moreover I would be happy not to have a super heavy audio system in the car.

Thank you very much for your help.
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I think the primary challenge is making everything work with the mmi system. It would probably help to know more about your current year and system specs.
I don't have mmi, I have a simple concert head. My car is a september 2009 model, 3 doors, 2.0 tfsi. I heard there is no tweeter in the triangle under the window, just a crappy mid in the dashboard.
I believe it must be completely renewed and only the head can be left as is not to lose the volume control from steering wheel and display interface.
A bit busy to post up details, so until I can reply in detail take a look at the start of my build thread. I have a 2008 which just had concert and no B&O
Which processor do you use for converting the signal to RCA?
I was planning to use a bit ten D, but I am open to other processors with good price to quality ratio.
High low adapters are used to convert speaker signals to RCA so you can use an amp :)

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