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SOS Malfunction

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Anyone any experience with the “sos function partially available contact workshop?”
Audi are quoting me £1000 ($1300) to fix. The car is a few months out of warranty.Apparently the sos module and cable need changed and this is located behind the dash.. has this happened to anyone else ? Any diagrams so my local Audi specialist can tackle the job themselves ?

Many thanks
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Sorry to hear you are experiencing the dreaded "SOS" fault.

You may have some redress from the dealer where you bought the car.

See the following article in the Guardian newspaper from May 2021 on the same issue:

VW, Audi and Skoda owners angry over fault in SOS warning system

Also, there are lots of references on other sites:

There is legislation that the all cars sold since 2018 in the EU including England at the time must have the "eCall" system installed and working. The Audi version is the "SOS" system which seems to have a widespread fault based on the news article and forum postings. The legislation is here:

Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/79 of 12 September 2016 establishing detailed technical requirements and test procedures for the EC type-approval of motor vehicles with respect to their 112-based eCall in-vehicles systems, of 112-based eCall in-vehicle separate technical units and components and supplementing and amending Regulation (EU) 2015/758 of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to the exemptions and applicable standards (Text with EEA relevance)

The "Type Approval" is the legal permission for a manufacturer to sell a car in the UK. It requires the "eCall" system to be installed and working.

If the car does not have a functional "eCall" system, it is in breach of the legislation, is not "fit for purpose", and therefore the car can be rejected under the "Consumer Rights Act 2015".

However, here are the things you will need to check and negotiate:

Did you buy the car from a dealer? Is so, and the fault existed (known to the manufacturer) then the car was not in accordance with the "Type Approval" and therefore "not fit for purpose" so you should claim against the dealer. Also speak to Audi Customer Services and the local Tranding Standards Office.

Alternatively, can you prove the system was not functioning properly at least during the warranty period so the fault was visible before the end of the warranty? If so, demand the warranty repair/replacement.

These are things to use to try and negotiate the repair works as part of warranty.

You need to check with a lawyer if you can make a claim for damages (including cost of repair, cost of alternative transport whilst being repaired, etc.) and threaten to sue the dealer.

Check your home and/or car insurance policy documents if you have a legal cover. If so, initially your insurance company may pay the legal bills but you have to tell them first, so call the insurer first, and let them tell you which lawyer to use. Many often have a scheme to get a lawyer to call you, and advise you if you have a case or not, so you know your options before spending on fees.

The dealer may settle rather than fight your lawyer, and treat it internally as a warranty repair.

Do not let the dealer fob you off to say it is a problem for Audi to handle. If the dealer sold you the car, they are responsible under "Consurmer Rights Act 2015". In turn, the dealer can claim off Audi for selling them a duff car which they sold to you.

If you bought from a private individual as a user car, on an "as is" basis, then your options are less. You could try to ask a lawyer if you have grounds under "Consumer Credit Act" which can also work in your favour if the car is not fit for purpose. Then, the finance company takes the fight to Audi.

Hope this information helps, it was useful for me when a VAG car in the family had this issue. It was detected within a few weeks of ownership and "rejected" for full refund from the dealer. They tried to deduct wear and tear of the two months of arguing but in the end they had to pay the full amount back.
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