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Someone Please Help!

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so ive had plenty of problems with my A5 the squeaky faulty window seals, the stalling while driving, a broken bearing, and of course the vibration that has had my car in the shop 4 times already and its still doing it. So my question is i have a case with audi of america and im thinking of doing a lemon law but i wanna just terminate my contract and get out of this car so whats the best thing for me to do. Also i call audi of america everyday to pressure them they just want to fix it but i dont want anymore headache
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I would imagine right now you need a more appropriate response. I am unsure as to what Lemon Law is but nevertheless you seem to have some sort of contract. Read the terms and conditions of termination. If that looks like it's unfavourable to you send a letter stating your intention to terminate the contract yourself and would seek legal representation. The vehicle may be deemed, "unfit for purpose" due to the unresolved fault. State in your letter what you would be happy with as a resolve to the problem and make sure it is a fair request. Finally CC the letter to the CEO of Audi America.

Good Luck
I meant to explain that showing the letter as also being sent to the CEO is purely to get the attention of the dealership.
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