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Snapped rear speed sensor

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Guys need some help.

Went to replace a rear speed sensor and its snapped off in the hub.

Trying to gently drill it out but access is so limited and the sensor is of course a weird shape.

Anyone else had the same issue and found a solution?

Loosing the will to live and don't want to have to take the entire hub off.

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@S1502 I am having exactly the same issue. I plugged on diagnostic tool in and it says the rear left speed sensor isn't working. I'm also getting traction warming, parking brake warming, headlight range warming and ABS warming lights. Did you ever get these?

I couldn't get it out at all and accidentally snapped the bit where the hole is. A mobile mechanic is coming today to try fix it so will keep you posted.
My idea is to drill a hold then put a screw in so that it might make it easier to pull on it.
I had the same warning but all sorted now.

So it's near on impossible to get to I tried the drill and screw but but had no luck as can't get deep enough in. Took to local garage they stripped off brake and other bits to get more access to the hub and you can then hammer away from the alloy wheel side to get it out.

Greify for a £25 sensor.
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@S1502 How much did you pay at garage just for the labour if you don't mind me asking? I booked a mobile mechanic (first time) so see how it goes. Thanks
£125 cash
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