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Hi guys,

I need to replace my rear shock absorbers because one started leaking, the other will probably go soon as well.
My car has suspension code 1BE which is lowered a little bit according to my research so far
1BA - comfort
1BE (-20mm) - S-Line comfort
1BV (-30mm) - S-Line sports

I am wondering if the shock has anything to do with ride height? I'd like to keep it as is, because I like how it looks now.
Also I like how it feels, so i would like to get something that will NOT be softer/stiffer. I guess the shock will have an impact here

According to a different thread i found, the company who manufactures GENUINE shock absorbers for the Audi A5 Sline 2.0 tdi 8TA is SACHS.
I am looking at Sachs 313 366 shocks. The description says they are for vehicles with sports suspension and without electronic suspension so that sounds right.

The other Sachs option is 313 365 but the description on one website says that its for off-road suspension and for standard chassis on another one, so thats probably not it.

Would Sachs 313 366 be a good replacement for my 1BE suspension code?
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