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Scale Models

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Does any one know if there are any scale models available for the S5. tried my Audi customer services who suggested speaking to my dealer, spoke to the dealer who suggested trying a model shop. In other words both useless.

Does anyone have any firm information
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Have you tried looking on the Audi site?

Another member mentiond not too long ago that he was looking for a larger scale model of the A5 than what exists on the Audi site.

Also, please update your profile with your location. Thanks.
Yep, that was me looking before. auriga, you don't say where you're from (please update your profile with your location when you get a chance), but the US Audi website has 1:43 and 1:87 scale models of the A5 readily available. Here's the 1:43 A5, available in Gray, Blue, and Silver. There are no S5 scale models, but they're not all that different anyway, especially at such a small scale.

I'm surprised your dealer or Audi themselves had no clue about these die-cast models. Audi and VW has been selling these Schuco models of all their cars for ages...I've got a dozen of them dating back to the 1980s.

I'd love to get a 1:18, high-quality model. But they just don't exist yet. Once the car has become more legendary, the toys will come.
Thanks guys, guess I will have to wait.
Audi Scaled Models

hey guys just wondering whether any of u know where i can find a 1:18 scale model of a S5. been searching ebay, amazon and audi shops but i cant seem to find any... even the A5 only comes in 1:43. cheers!
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