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SatNav - version update for 2008

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I have obtained the 2008 satnav dvd. I have to say that I am pleased with the outcome. There have been lots of roads added and there appears to be many more special places. For example there are 4 new icons within 400yds of my house and I had none before.

The version that came with the car was:

DB: A614/2006080672514

The version I have now is:
DB: A723/20070801151856

You can check your version by pressing nav then setup then scroll down to select version.

edit: found a few other minor things. Some roads are obviously still out of date. Lowestoft's removal of one way system still isnt registering despite the new road that led into that now appearing.

There is greater use of different shades of green and waterways seem more defined.Some of the little rivers we have on the broads were shown as great big wide blue areas but now reflect their size and position correctly.

So, its mainly road corrections, more icons for destinations and a little bit of improvement on the background textures.

The DVD system is DVD+R if you wish to burn a "backup" copy.
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how much did you pay for it?
Does the update now allow FULL postcode searches?
Does the update now allow FULL postcode searches?
Wouldn't that be nice? Bl**dy irritating as-is!
nope, no full postcode search available on the update.

I will be going to the APS meet on 7th June in case and I will bring my laptop with me...... FYI, DVD+R is the required format should you wish to back up your OWN copy of your software :)
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