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Was thinking about your location for maybe some help with mods by forum members ;) But would be a trek up to Manchester! :D

I remember the VR6s, I bought a Rover coupe Turbo when my mate was looking at those. They were the early R32 :)

Oh don't get me started! :) brief outline, it went in for the CREC fuel rail recall at the main dealer, and they messed up my cooling system when they removed the supercharger coolant pipes. They had overfilled the coolant tank. Then I had steam coming up from the bonnet like some old shed of a car and my coolant tank was empty. The front of the engine was spattered with coolant. VCDS also gave an error of the charger coolant pump running dry!! I took it back and they wanted to try and charge me!! They wavered the investigation charges and said nothing wrong with it. When I got the car back there wasn't anything wrong with it, so they fixed the leak and lied!! Been fine with no coolant top ups since last year now, but I lost all confidence in dealers.
Jesus, wow that's outrageous.

I heard of this story, didn't realise it was you, before I had the recall done before I brought my car recently. No issues here so far, no error codes or signs of leaks, but will be keeping a close eye on it.

I will investigate the rear strut brace further, possibly get something custom made.

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