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The thing to remember here guys is that this engine despite being 4.2 has been made as light as possible, including the flywheel. You simply can't pull away at 900 revs or it will likely bog down or stall - you have to do this at 1,200 plus... This is a characteristic of the sporty V8 with relatively high bhp. Audi have therefore used the electronic throttle to ensure the revs are over this as the clutch is engaged (although you can manoeuvre the car on tick-over). If this 'feature' didn't exist, you'd still have to rev that high to avoid the risk of bogging down / stalling so where's the issue?

As stated a long time ago on this topic, my previous car had a racing flywheel fitted, and that's exactly how I had to start or crawl; with a little more revs than when it was stock. I certainly do not consider this to be 'driving round a problem' and have always been happy to give it some revs when moving off.

...Regarding crawling along: if the traffic is moving more slowly than the car in first gear at tick-over then I either stop and wait for the gap to open up a bit and then move off or once moving, dip the clutch and coast every so often. In these conditions, I often use no throttle at all when moving off. TBH this is only really a problem when crawling up a gradient.

...If the traffic is stop/start crawing, then I tend to let the gap open up and then slowly crawl to reduce the number of starts and save on clutch wear. This is the only type of situation where I'd say the characteristics of the car and engine can get frustrating, so I just enjoy revving the car and listening!

...Personally, I'd rather have this behaviour and the car that comes with it than a sluggish, low revving, un-responsive V8 guzzler.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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