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S5 Revs Problem

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Car is currently with Audi as revs are pulsing when held on the clutch.
Audi are telling me this is a feature of the car, can anyone else tell me if they have the same problem, or if this is really a feature?
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I got mine back from having two recalls done on it yesterday and the pulsing is evident at times as is the quick jump on the revs. However, nothing that has impacted on my driving and I would say its not an issue at all. Its just a bit weird the first few times it happens.

I didnt have the surge in revs before but now the revs do jump to around 1200 rpm when the car is in gear and you start to release the clutch.
What version MMI do you have now? That will tell you if the update was done on the MMI or not as the latest for you is 5150.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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