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S5 Mileage

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Have just looked up mileage figures and converted them both ways ( is US MPG the same as british MPG?)

In town, normal driving, I end up around 16.8 l/100 km, and when cruising along easy on a country road (driving 110 km/h or 68 mph), I get around 11.2 L/100...

This works out to 14 mpg in city, up to 21 mpg highway - in US MPG

Needless to say, driving 110 km/h in the S5 feels like the car is idling.....

What are your figures in your S5?
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It's beginning to sound like you're leaning back towards the 3.0 TDi. Stop prevaricating about the bush (to mix my metaphors!) and get that order in!

You've got to decide one way or the other sooner or later - best make it sooner as the waiting time for delivery isn't getting any shorter!:D :D
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