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hi everyone, first post on a5oc, still trying to learn about the audi family

so i was searching around and found this thread

i don't know a lot about the s5 market, are they still going for msrp now? markup / discount?

and the lease information provided in the link (residual and money factors), are they pretty accurate?

i am trying to calculate lease payments on the s5 and using the numbers it came out to be around 1100 (36 months 12k). kind of high compared to m3 which i am offered around 1000 max. so i want to see in reality what are the deals people get on s5 these days?

i was at mckenna over the weekend and saw a black s5, msrp 64k. the sales said probably 5k markup on the car?!?! and he said payment will be around 1200 to 1300 for 10k annual miles. i think that's total bs (and he couldn't tell me what the residual and money factor is).

so i figure i would come here to get educated first...


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SoCal pricing...

Welcome Rominl!

If you're still looking, I'll try to fill you in...

I'm an LA resident and bought back in August. At the time, no one would even budge on taking off the "market adjustment" mark-up, so I was forced to look out of state. Wound up getting my A5 for MSRP, and had it custom built with the options I wanted, from Audi Chandler in AZ...

I'm hearing now that it sounds like you may be able to get MSRP in LA, but no less.

As for leasing, yes, you can get a more expensive BMW for a lower payment...this has more to do with the manufacturer than local market conditions. BMW relies on incentives and volume to drive sales, whereas Audi has more sound fundamentals, and it shows in their profitability...bottom line, you'll pay more for an Audi lease than a BMW lease even if the purchase price is the same.

Hope that helps...oh, and steer clear of Auto Gallery and SM Audi...they're notoriously bad. I told the guy at Auto Gallery I'd come with check in hand on that day and pay MSRP for a white A5 on the lot and he laughed and said not a chance, they'd make more by sitting on it and getting the mark-up.
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