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S5 in Alberta?

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Does anyone on the forum have and S5 in Alberta? I ordered one in Edmonton 3 weeks ago and I was told that I won't even get an '08 model, mine will be a '09 and it will be at least 12 months. Has anyone ordered one in Calgary? Any idea on the wait?
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I've spotted a black A5 (you maybe?) a couple times in the downtown area. And I passed by a grey one last week that I thought was a S5 but I didn't get a good look at it. Besides that, haven't seen much at all!
You might see me downtown. I'm alway around there on Friday and Saturday nights. A5 S-line black and tinted.

I seen a regular A5 with S-line wheels parked at the apartments on 110 Street and Jasper. At first I seen it driving on Jasper when I was hitting up Vinyl and though someone stole my car. lol. Then i noticed the lack of tint.
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