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S5 in Alberta?

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Does anyone on the forum have and S5 in Alberta? I ordered one in Edmonton 3 weeks ago and I was told that I won't even get an '08 model, mine will be a '09 and it will be at least 12 months. Has anyone ordered one in Calgary? Any idea on the wait?
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Tarsands and Marbles, I am heading to both Calgary and Edmonton on business next week if either of you need any Vag-Com changes done to your cars. Winking LEDs. voice activation, and windows control are the most popular. Gimme a hollar and maybe we can meet up if convenient. (I now travel with my cable in my suitcase - never know when you meet up with another A5 / S5 owner) - I did 2 S5's in Vancouver a few weeks ago.
I arrive in Calgary MOnday morning Mar 2, then head off to Edmonton Wed evening. Staying at the Hotel Arts in downtown Calgary - call my cell if you want to meet up. I will send you my cell phone in a peronal email.
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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