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s5 experiencing "limp mode"

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Was driving my audi the other day, started to go on limp mode in low RPMs 1000-2000 usually when I'm making a complete stop, then slowly gassing it (I Iive in the city). The car started jerking and "transmission malfunction" popped up with the TPMS light. I turned it off let it sit for a minute, turn it back on drove it straight home like normal (5 miles away).
Codes that popped up was,

P0152 : 02 Sensor 2/1 Circuit High
02 Circuit High Voltage (Bank 2, Sensor 1)
Secondary DTCs
U0101 : No Communication With Transmission Control Module
P060B: 1. Internal Control Module A/D Processor Performance. 2. ETC A/D Ground Performance
(Only for VW Routan)
P179E00 : Drive Position Sensor-Electrical Malfunction
P070000 : Transmcontrsystem-Malfunction
P175800 : Terminal 15 Voltage Supply-Open Circuit
P060A00 : Internal Control Module Monitoring Processor Performance
01315-004 Transmission Control Module (TCM) - No
00473-013 Electronic Parking Brake Control Module
J540 - Please Read DTC
02214-000 Tire Pressure Warning

Any ideas is helpful, thanks in advance.
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It looks like a loss of communication with the modules.

I wonder if its related to the car battery?

Has it been replaced? Worth checking the voltage.

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