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S5 entertainment systems....... brainpick required.

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So, I'm now actively looking to get my S5 (at last! :D )
I've got a brain-pick about the stereos though. I'll profess that I don't know much about the Audi systems (my last being a Concert/Bose setup).
Most cars I've looked at, I've aimed for the B&O system, but when it comes to the head-units. I'm lost:

Some have controls around the drive selector, some have them on the stereo unit themselves (all under the badge of Audi Concert - ie basic advertising!). Then to add to the confusion, there's AMI, MMI, 3g! Nav etc.

I assuming that some of it is age-related? (the moving of the buttons from console to radio?) All I know is that I want the B&O setup, and intend to put Apple CarPlay on it. If there's no sub, I'd consider putting one in.

So, care to help a confused future owner out? :D

Thanks in advance, Dan
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Audi is one of the car companies which has a lot of cost options (or options which only come standard in certain editions).

So the cheapest S5 came with the cheapest audio system - concert
Audi Concert radio which includes:
  • Single CD drive and SDHC memory card reader which are both MP3, WMA and AAC compatible
  • 6.5” colour centre display with MMI operating logic
  • AUX-IN connection
  • TP memo – automatically saves traffic news when driving
DAB digital radio reception – integrated into MMI, receives digitally-transmitted radio stations in addition to the range of analogue stations.
Displays music track, artist and radio program.
Capable of ‘DAB slideshow’ where transmitted.
Reception dependent on local digital network.
Automatic switch from DAB to FM reception if the network signal is not strong enough
Audi sound system speaker package
with 10 speakers including subwoofer (180 Watts)
Mobile phone preparation – Bluetooth interface

The symphony was a cost option
Symphony radio. AM/FM twin tuner with TP memo function. Front-loading 6-CD changer with MP3 compatibility and active front and rear speakers. Includes colour centre console screen, SD memory-card reader and AUX-IN socket. Cannot be combined with the Technology package (WB6)

If the SatNav plus system was selected then the head unit was minimised and the controls moved to below the drive selector, mainly for the knob which controls it.
MMI Navigation system plus. Hard disk navigation with topographical map display, places of interest and town models in 3D, with high-resolution 7” colour TFT display. The system offers three alternative routes, with the ability to scroll along the selected route and manoeuvre within the map. Uses 7-digit postcode recognition. Includes split-screen mode for route information, dynamic route guidance (TMC), intersection zoom function, motorway exits and lane recommendations in Driver’s Information System (DIS). Includes 2 SD card readers, single CD/DVD player, 40GB hard drive and Jukebox (20GB) for storing and managing music files in WMA and MP3 format. Includes European navigation data (where digitised). Additional functionality is available when combined with optional Mobile telephone preparation – High with Audi Connect (9ZW).

Black edition added AMI & B&O, or else they were cost options
Audi Music Interface – connection for use with stereo audio sources, USB and MP3 devices including Apple iPod generation 4 onwards and Apple iPhone
Bang & Olufsen sound system, 14 high-performance speakers and two amplifiers which create 505 Watts of stunning surround sound, balanced to suit the specific acoustic properties of the car’s interior

Other cost options
CD changer and DVD player. 6-CD changer located in the glove box and single CD/DVD slot in centre console. Only in combination with Technology package (WB6) or Satellite Navigation
Digital TV reception. Reception of digital (DVB-T) uncoded television stations (MPEG-2 standard), TV picture, teletext and Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). Facility to connect 2 external AV sources via adaptor cables (available from Audi Genuine Accessories). Please note: TV reception depends on local digital network availability. No AV or TV video output when driving (audio output available when driving). Only in combination with Technology package (WB6) or Satellite Navigation
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Look at the rsnav system, I haven't looked back since getting it.

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FYI, I bought a car yesterday :) More details to follow as I've got to work and forgotten to bring photos etc :D

But in reference to this thread, it's a Black Edition, so AMI & B&O.
Looks like it's got SatNavplus thingy (it's got the 2 SD readers) and the phone prep.

TBH, I'v not really played with it yet as I just got in, set the postcode home and drove :D
Managed 30mpg, which is nice.

There WILL be loads of other questions, but I'll both use the search function first, and then RTFM :D

More updates when I get home (it's going to be a LONG day :D )

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Well done, but come on, you tease us and have no pics...

When you booking it in at MRC :devilish:
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