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S5 engine install to a base model 2015 cabrio

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i am looking to upgrade the 1.8t engine to a S5 3.0 tfsi CAUA engine i believe would be best engine model fit after some research as manual also.
i have a 1.8t CJEE 177 PS car, manual gearbox.

what else do i need to be aware of and purchase?

new brake system?
new gearbox?
new axles?
anything else?
are these necessary?

i was hoping the original gearbox would be ok

i would employ a qualified mechanic of course.

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Didn't realise people still did ngine swaps ahaha.

If the car is available with the engine you want then why wouldn't you just sell it and buy an S5, cost? Buying an S5 in the first place just seems the simpler way and you're guaranteed that everything will work as intended. You may run into issues otherwise when swapping, and it would still cost a lot on top of the car you've bought.

I would have thought switching an engine out would only be a worthwhile idea if the engine you're fitting is totally different, like putting a 5 litre V8 from an F-Type in or something ahaha
idea aborted. too much red tape.
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