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S5 Coming to America (?)

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Neither San Francisco or Beverly Hills Audi dealers know when we'll get the S5 here in California. Both seem to think sometime in the fall. Has anyone heard different?

Also, neither of them have any idea about the pricing. I'm guesting 70's USD.

Anyone hear anything? I can't wait for this car!
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My dealer said I'd be able to order mine custom is 2 weeks with a Delivery in Oct.
I will correct my sentence re: 0-60 times. They do matter to me in the real world, just not in rag road tests, where they are considered gospel by some. A couple of tenths in a 0-60 run is usually indicative of a lot more power to come.

a few tenth could be the driver too in either direction, slower or faster.
1 - 2 of 61 Posts
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