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S5 Coming to America (?)

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Neither San Francisco or Beverly Hills Audi dealers know when we'll get the S5 here in California. Both seem to think sometime in the fall. Has anyone heard different?

Also, neither of them have any idea about the pricing. I'm guesting 70's USD.

Anyone hear anything? I can't wait for this car!
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I'm also looking to purchase a new S5, and wanted to begin a dialogue with my local dealer. I'm an Audi Club member for the Golden Gate chapter, so it's likely that I will workwith Carlsen Audi in Palo Alto, CA. Can you tell me which dealer you are speaking to, and can you also pass on any other information that might be useful to both of us as we look to plan a purchase of a new A5 or S5?
Possible new delivery date in the US
I was driving by Rector motors in Buringame, CA this morning, and stopped in to get a few parts. While there, I could not resist taking the time to chat with their sales people.

The sales guy informed me that it appears as though there will now be a new delivery date for the S5 in the US. Rector motors expects to receive their first car in as few as 2 weeks. This car is not allowed for sale until "the fall", which seems to mean September.

So, if this sales guy is right, and the A5 microsite is correct, the import date has now changed, and is no longer November, 2007.

Things are getting better and better.

I was also able to confirm that Rector will be selling the cars at MSRP, with no additional fees. They have not yet confirmed the stock of S5s they will receive, but they will not charge a premium for them. I was unable to confirm a firm price for the car, but the word is still that a fully loaded S5 will be in the mid 50's.

My personal opinion is that an S5 will be about $59K, when very well equipped.
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Think of it this way, each market is independent, and the price for each market is set based on competitive pricing from other brands within that geographic region. Although there is a fairly signifficant price skewing of the S5, when you compare two regions, within the US region, the price of the S5 is competitive with other manufactuerers from the US, Japan, England and elsewhere.
So, as with any global market, the manufacturer must look at that market to see if they can sell their car at a competitive price.
In this case, you've seen a number of postings which comare the BMW 335, to the S5 and A5. When we examine features, and price, we see that this is a relevant comparison in the US.
Lastly, remember that in the US, the Corvette sells for as little as $50K, but I'll bet when it is shipped overseas, it can sell for more, because it is competing with the European market, and the brands within.
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