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S5 Coming to America (?)

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Neither San Francisco or Beverly Hills Audi dealers know when we'll get the S5 here in California. Both seem to think sometime in the fall. Has anyone heard different?

Also, neither of them have any idea about the pricing. I'm guesting 70's USD.

Anyone hear anything? I can't wait for this car!
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I don't really understand what it is, that you are trying to convey. If you are referring to the RS5. Yes, it will be a threat to the M3; but a different kind of threat. The S5 won't do any harm to the M.

I would condiser the M a tad heavy, so the RS5 will be a pig; albiet a very fast one, but not very agile.

All cool cars, though.
You give far too much credit to the M3. The M3 is only fractionally faster in the straights due to the low torque (295 versus 325 lbs feet for the S5) and through the twisties -- who knows yet. Top Gear was able to beat the old M3 on the track with the B6 S4. It's more about driver skill and knowing the differences between the car's dynamics.

But even if the M3 gets to 60 in .1 or .2 seconds faster and is a fraction faster in the quarter mile.. who cares? It looks hideous and every douchebag with 60K who wants some kind of bragging rights will buy one. Who wants to be a member of that club?
If you believe that the Audi's torque advantage with make it a faster car in the STRAIGHTS, you are very ill-informed about high performance cars.

The 0-60 and 0-62 sprint data is for people like you, that can't comprehend what it takes to propel a car forward with such velocity. The HP of the M vs. the lack of it on the S5 (414 vs. 354; with a greater disparity to the wheels because of Audi's extra diff.-and their inability to build a proper rwd car.) will make for a faster straight line acceleration. The lower weight and attention BMW has given to created a center mass between the bumpers, with far less overhang, currently yields a car as close to a mid engine car, without going to a mid-engine design.

The real test of a car's HP is the standard 1/4 mile. The S5 barely matches the E46's 1/4 mile times and trap speeds; the E92 M will simply WALK away from it.

Even the 0-100 is indicative of a car's HP. The M has run that sprint in the low 10 sec. range. The only advantage the S5 has is it's launch by virtue of it's AWD. After the launch, the M will spank it. The RS5 IS another story, but as I mentionead above, it's going to be too expensive. And, it's more of a GT car than the M will be.

In the end, they are all beautiful cars, but, this BLINDLY BRAND LOYAL crap clearly illustrates what limited insight and/or foresight you have.

Awesome! Your post is the perfect definition of irony. You like most of America have "blind" BMW brand loyalty and are clueless. You are the one who claims the M3 can "run circles" around an S5 so you kind of proved that you are the one with "limited insight and/or foresight". My point was that the performance of both cars is pretty great for real world driving and the difference wasn't nearly as great as you claim. And I'm right. Why are you even on this forum? You should be over on Roadfly with the other like minded guys.
There is also a video showing that the E46 beat the RS4.

Believe what you want, but a S5 will not be a competitor to the E92 M3; simple facts. It's a pig with far less HP and another diff; which will sustain more of a parasitic loss.

Your words, but every "douchebag; with 50k something can have one. It's a fast family sedan. Get real. Now the RS5 is another story, except that THAT very fast PIG will be about $15k more than the M3 and it won't be nearly as nimble.

Lastly, all Audi's typically have terrbile residuals; these cars will be more of the same. Keep kidding yourself.
You can't afford either car so keep dreaming. Too bad you don't get paid to spread the BMW gospel. LOL.
I don't but I should get paid; LOL.

You might be right, my 997 tt put a little dent in my spending, but an S5 or M3 DD, might make me jump in again.
Well anyway one thing I think we can agree on is that the S5 isn't really a vehicle for you. It's not a mass appeal kind of car. For more raw sports car qualities there are other things out there like an M3 or a Cayman. I personally am fine with slightly less rough edge and more comfort, plus an elegant design. And if there are faster things that pull up beside me at a red light, I really couldn't care less. It's an extremely nice package from bumper to bumper.
As far as general attacks; look at who called BMW M buyers "doochbags".
If I offended anyone personally; I am sorry. Just compare apples to apples.

I don't remember saying that the M would run circles around a RS4; a S5, yes. If you want to take my "circles" word and create a buz, so be it. I won't compare 0-60/62 times, they are meaningless. Let the car's HP reveal what a 0-100 or 1/4 run will do. It separates the cars. The M runs about 7-8 more MPH in the traps and .4-.5 secs. quicker E.T.
That was me that make the "douchebag" comment, and for the record I did not call YOU a douchebag... I merely stated that a high number of M3 owners where I live in CA are total and utter douchebags. But it's not just my opinion, I've talked to so many people who think that. I know that many BMW owners are intelligent successful people -- but since there are so many more bmw owners statistically there is a higher quantity of every type of person that owns them, including the douches. However, there is also a certain segment of the market that aspire to a higher social level and do in fact buy a certain vehicle based on the perception of it's status value. And there are some non car enthusiasts that buy a car like an M3 purely for that reason and perceived bragging rights. Many of those gelled hair and chain wearing goobers are the ones cutting through lanes without signaling and driving like A-holes. That is what people notice.

In the late 80's and much of the 90's the BMW 3 series was THE sports sedan benchmark. They were head and shoulders above most competition but times have changed.. a lot. People however still think like it's the 90's. Infinity, Lexus, Audi... they've all improved significantly. Performance can be put into tables and charts, but design is subjective and matter of personal opinion.

And also for the record, I never said an S5 outperforms the new M3 -- I simply disagreed that an M3 could "run circles" around such a car as the S5. If a couple tenths of a second on a track means running circles around another car you're perfectly welcome to that opinion. Nothing personal. In fact I hope you could come to the conclusion that maybe interior design and things like 4 wheel drive can be things worth considering over stopwatch results and what the Jones' think. Okay I'm done on this thread! Bring on October and my Meteor Gray S5.
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