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S5 B9 Unitronic Stage 1+ Tune

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Alright Audi family. Took the plunge earlier this week. Had the Unitronic Stage 1+ tune done by a local shop. Felt good (for the 15 miles I’ve driven it since the tune). Promises 100hp gain, but I’ll be fine with 50+ for now..

Looking forward to testing it a little in the coming days.


I like that view and I like the performance just a little more.

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I also have the 1+ from unitronic. It is a total transformation. And you can step down to just 1 stage for 50hp. But once you play with the 450hp you won’t want to go back down. The coupe looks great. So what’s the next upgrade?
Thanks. I have the rs5 honeycomb grill. Started getting parts for brake job epc redstuff, branded lines, waiting for EBC usr2150 rotors to come out, and new tires to put on for summer. Next looking at either Wagner IC, or rev9 IC. Like the look of the black IC’s.
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