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S5 B9 Unitronic Stage 1+ Tune

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Alright Audi family. Took the plunge earlier this week. Had the Unitronic Stage 1+ tune done by a local shop. Felt good (for the 15 miles I’ve driven it since the tune). Promises 100hp gain, but I’ll be fine with 50+ for now..

Looking forward to testing it a little in the coming days.


I like that view and I like the performance just a little more.

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Stunning looker. Is it 50 or 100hp? Confused.

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LinnBoy- It’s 100hp.

I was only joking that I would have been ok with 50hp. It already felt really quick stock.

Hopefully I didn’t confuse anyone else.
Looks good mate and that is alot of horses wowowow......
Thank you.
I also have the 1+ from unitronic. It is a total transformation. And you can step down to just 1 stage for 50hp. But once you play with the 450hp you won’t want to go back down. The coupe looks great. So what’s the next upgrade?
Thank you. I like the red you are rocking on yours alot. In my area I have not seen a B9 coupe in red with the exception of RS5.

i haven’t checked it out with just stage 1 but I can no longer imagine anything other than 1+.

As for what is next. I’ve been debating exhaust but I definitely don’t want an obnoxious sound. I want the v8 rumble from the previous gen. Possible? Not sure.

lowering or a front lip with some elegance if there is such a thing.

what have you done to yours so far and what’s next? Seen a front lip anywhere other than the one on eBay for $800?
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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