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Can a dipstick be fitted to the S5 B9? I've search but cannot find any.

My car has started telling me the oil level is too high. It had an oil service about 3 months ago. I have checked the oil filler cap and there is a small amount of mayo there. I'm hoping that is from my short 4 mile commutes in winter causing a bit of condensation - the oil temp doesn't even register a value as it's so short. The coolant is still at max so isn't loosing any. I'd like to easily check the oil lower down to make sure it's just condensation and not anything more serious.

Also, is it normal for these engines to blow air from the filler cap and rev up if I try to remove it while the engine is running? I'm guessing this is something to do with positive crankcase ventilation? If not, I'm screwed!

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