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S5 b8 gear knob replacement (no melting)

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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had a current recommendation for a replacement s5 b8 gear knob (with gaiter ideally) which doesn't involve melting plastic.

I should have mentioned, mine is the auto 7 speed, right hand drive.

I've read a few posts but they all quite old and linked parts from eBay etc don't seem to exist anymore.

My knob is a bit scarred and there is a small tear in the gater. Happy for a like for like replacement but any interesting upgrade ideas which are plug and play would be awesome.

I found this: GENUINE AUDI A4 S4 A5 S5 B8 BLACK GREY LEATHER AUTOMATIC GEARKNOB - 8K2713139A | eBay which looks like the type of thing, but any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

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Been searching all over eBay for similar stuff and only things are found are:

BROKE2013 AUDI S5 (B8 8T) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION GEAR SHIFTER SHIFT KNOB w/ BOOT | eBay -which is crazy money! plus I presume involves the melting?

Genuine Leather AT Gear Shift Knob Boot Cover For Audi Q3 Q5 A3 A4 A5 A6 | eBay - which actually looks more paletable, but again I presume this needs melting :(

This perforated version seems quite interesting, but can't find a RHD version, or one with a gator/boot New OEM Audi A3 A4 A5 A6 Q5 Q7 LHD Automatic Perforated Leather Gear Knob | eBay
I still have the original knob and gaiter from my S5 available;

Car Gear shift Vehicle Steering part Motor vehicle

Had it on eBay a few times but no takers;

Wood Hardwood Wood stain Metal Plywood

Wood Chair Shelf Grey Gas

Replaced it with the newer style knob;

Speedometer Vehicle Gear shift Car Motor vehicle

Automotive design Car Personal luxury car Vehicle Cameras & optics

If you want it can let you have it for £10 posted.
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Ooh, awesome! That'd be great. Mine does have the white/grey stitching so I'd have to have a gander at the black version in situ, but if it's plug and play I'm in!

I think the previous owner must have had some really aggressive wedding band or possibly claws, but the scratching on the top of the too much to bear for me.

Can I pop you a DM? or do you want to eBay it again? whatever your preference is.
My S5 does have the white stitching on the wheel and looked ok with the black gaiter it was just by chance that the replacement one had white stitching.

Here is a picture from the original ad for my car;

Gear shift Car Vehicle Plant Motor vehicle

If your happy to do a bank transfer to my account for £10 I'll get it sent to you.
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Excellent, let's do it. Pop me your details and I'll transfer cash monies immediately. Thanks again.
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