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Hi everyone,

Hope you've all had a splendid xmas!

I have an S5 B8 2007 V8 and this morning a warning light came on telling me to switch off engine and check coolant level.... rewind back about 6-7 months i topped this up so didn't expect to be low again.. in the manual it states it has a 'lifetime' coolant system too.

Unless I have a 'slow' leak, can anyone suggest anything else that could be causing the motor to lose coolant like it is? Tbf I haven't had it serviced for a few years so if i do would they check all this too?

I got this coolant back in June - TRIPLE QX Purple Concentrated Antifreeze/Coolant (G13) 5Ltr - is this the correct one I should be using? Can't remember how much water % I put in.

Thanks again!
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